Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pinups + Politics = Helllooooo Nurse!

A ridiculously talented acquaintance of mine, Burke Heffner, has produced a pinup calendar featuring 13 months of jaw-droppingly gorgeous photographs and models, each representing a major scandal of the George W. Bush administration.

This is absolutely great! Normally only right-wing war profiteers, corporate lobbyists and oil execs could get their rocks off over the political travesties and missteps of our country - now we ALL can!

I always think it's amazing when people can balance art, commerce and political activism together so beautifully. It's incredibly rare; usually such efforts lean too heavily in one direction, be it overly ranty (, inaccessible to the mainstream public (political theater), or just plain sell-out (NBC's "Green Week").

Meanwhile I continue to make hacky, apolitical vids on YouTube. Three cheers for apathy! Hip hip, hoo... aw forget it.

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