Thursday, August 28, 2008

Joe Biden's Mother? ADORABLE!

Look at this woman. She's America's mom! I just want to gobble her up! She's absolutely ADORABLE!!!

Screw the cuteness of Obama's girls - Mrs. Biden wins the contest of cute hands down! Watching her laugh as Joe Biden recounted stories from his youth was utterly winning. Her laugh and smile was so charming when Senator Biden shared a memory of her telling him to go bloody the nose of his bullies so he could walk down the street standing tall. You could see her laughing as she told her neighbor, "It's true!"


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why is Monica Crowley still on The Mclaughlin Group?

Why in the world is Monica Crowley still on The Mclaughlin Group? I cannot understand it - every syllable out of her mouth is pure Republican spin. There's no original analysis or insight that isn't recycled from the neo-con talk radio and Fox News circuit. The other panelists have taken to pretty much just tuning out whatever she says because they know it's just going to be talking points. It doesn't even seem as if she's on the same show; what she prattles on about often has little or no real connection to the flow of the conversation, as it's just regurgitated pablum that she tries to shoehorn into the dialogue. It's as though you've just accidentally channel surfed away to the O'Reilly Report or Hannity and Colmes for 30 seconds. 

And it's not just because she's a conservative. For all his faults, Pat Buchanan never resorts to the sort of scripted party line nonsense that Crowley spews week after week; all his opinions purely his own and drawn from his own analysis based on his conservative viewpoint.

She's a complete waste of space on the screen. I can't believe Mclaughlin puts up with her.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Other People's Poetry

I was, I suppose, lecturing some young lady online for not posting her artwork and poems on the internet for the world to see. She agreed and told me I was right (as I always am), so here now is someone else's poetry:

Showering gracefully
in the arms of heaven's wings
Comfortable, content,
in mind of many great things

Beautiful, truely - the voice of the muse
the path, the choices are for you to choose
Reality dreaming to those who are deep
Those who bow their head, counting their sheep

Dancing, lifting
the rivers of our souls
Preparing, Endless
for whom the bell tolls

- Jessica

In general, I believe creation and art are pointless unless you share it with the world. Can you imagine if someone hadn't found Emily Dickinson's poems locked away in a trunk after her death? We never would have had the rhyme scheme for the Gilligan's Island theme!