Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Once and Future Me

Received an email I wrote to myself last year on It's cool: you write yourself a message and the site delivers it to you a year later.

Last year Me was apparently REALLY angry...
The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Monday, November 26, 2007,
and sent via
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Dear FutureMe,

So, how many crash and burn relationships have you had THIS year? Did it get worse than Ace - if that's even possible?

So a year ago today I wrote to myself asking how the TV show was going. Any progress THIS time? Even manage to shoot a lousy 10 minute scene on the roof?

Wow, apparently this year's PastMe is rather bitter, hmm?

Well, I DO hope you've finally managed to make something of yourself. You're 35 for god's sake.

And how fat are you now? Maybe writing this letter will make me realize that if I just exercise 4-5 times a week for the next year I'll get back into my ideal shape.

Oh, if you're unemployed now.... stop it. Get a job, you bum.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

I have waited all my life for a Bond such this.

I have literally waited my entire life for James Bond movies such as these Daniel Craig Bond flicks. Casino Royale was a, well, quantum leap forward for the franchise, and Quantum of Solace continues in the tradition. It had some moments of poor, Bourne Supremacy-esque, shakey cam execution during a few of the action sequences, but overall, fantastic bits of innovation, creativity and cleverness in the action/stunt pieces.

Of course, the major accomplishment of these Craig films is the excellence of the quiet scenes. They're not boring in the slightest because of the underlying raw energy that Craig and his fellow company of actors have as their foundation. Jeffrey Wright and Dame Judy Dench are, as always, extraordinary. Each sentence uttered is full of tension and possibility, and is just as engaging as every gun shot or car crash.

Director Marc Foster picks up admirably on the style for the new Craigsian Bond - instant improvisation. Thought in Motion. He's Jackie Chan without the kicking and better clothes.

Just fantastic. Go see it.

Wow. The President of a lifetime and a Bond of a lifetime all in one month? If only my life savings hadn't been reduced to the cost of a box of Junior Mints, this would be the best month ever!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Favorite Election Moment

I think my favorite moment last night was on a city bus going crosstown.

In the back seat of the bus, a group of six kids, around 8 to 10 years old, were coming home from hockey practice and they were chanting, "O-Bam-A! O-Bam-A!" over and over. Their parents were sitting around chuckling and smiling.

After this settled down a bit, two of the kids fell into the following conversation:

"Obama won by like 337 delegates in the primary."
"Yeah... but Hillary would have been good too."

It was awesome to hear.

Obama for THE President

I wonder how many people have joyfully spoken/written the phrase, "I never thought I'd see a black president in my lifetime" in the past 24 hours? But let me add my voice to the chorus - I think on some level, I didn't think this country had it in it to take that step forward anytime soon. I find it so encouraging that I could experience this moment in history, that it's happening at a time in my life where I'll be able to look BACK on it and smile, rather than at the end of my days. I get to see what happens NEXT!!

But ultimately, Barack Obama's ethnicity is secondary. All the politics of race aside, he's an extraordinarily inspirational figure, with an ability to rouse feelings of patriotism and optimism in the public unrivaled since Kennedy. His Presidency will convince good, idealistic people, people who wouldn't otherwise think of going into public service, to take part in how this country is molded and run. And that's what this country needs; not just one good man, but a host of good people working towards good things.

As I walked through the streets of the United States of New York City last night, the feelings of goodwill and excitement were intoxicating. Chants of "Yes We Can" rang out through the streets. You could literally hear it from the tops of buildings all the way down to subway platforms underground. It made me so thankful to live in a progressive, liberal city. I love this town.

And it will be nice to be respected on the world stage again. I spoke with a British fellow last night who expressed that very sentiment; that the whole of the global community let go a huge sigh of relief with Obama's election. The USA is the prodigal son that's finally returned after 8 years of tomfoolery, and the world is ready to kill the fatted calf and welcome us back with open arms.

On a personal level, Obama's presidency makes me want to be better. As a an individual and as a citizen of the United States. And I look forward to trying my best.

Yes we can.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



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