Monday, November 12, 2007

Finishing the Film and a reminder of my age.

So I finally finished shooting on the last of the feature films in which I'm starring, Under the Gun. For those of you who don't know, this is a low-budget indie DV feature I'm starring in, that is being directed by a young man named Douglas Ferguson.

He's a tremendously driven and creative fellow, but, as with the vast majority of indie features, this production has been plagued with delays and complications. Which makes finishing it today such a sigh of relief, as it's now been about two years since we started filming.

It was also, however, an object lesson in how old and broken I am. Today was the final fight scene, and my scene partner today is an INCREDIBLY talented martial artist and performer named Manny. This is a Tony Jaa level guy, this gent - springs in his legs and everything.

It only accentuated the fact that I just can't kick the way I used to, not that I was ever a great kicker, but now I'm not even a decent kicker, which sucks. I could work on it, maybe even fix it by laying down a lot of money for a few months of Bikram Yoga, but I just can't afford that sort of expenditure right now.

I'm a bit lost these days when it comes to my physical training. My accident in 2006 really just threw me for a loop in terms of exercise and it's been hard getting back into a routine. It's still really quite depressing to me, and it certainly seeps into everything I do.

The cold weather isn't going to help much at all.

Anyway, back to the movie. They're doing a screening of the first half of it at the NY Comicon this coming Friday. I will probably attend and watch through my fingers in the back of the room, with a large brimmed hat. I just cringe watching both my acting and my fighting on screen. In the end, that's what's driven me to YouTube... I have more control over how I come across there.

Also, it means I never have to leave the house. Because, as we know, outside the house lies pain. Inside the house lies pain as well, but at least I'm closer to the kitchen here.

Holy crap that was emo. NEXT!

UPDATE: Ha, Manny just texted me and asked how I was feeling. I replied, "Old. You?"



You know I have to admit that you are very up and down.
You pick yourself up on minute then you crash. I notice it because I do it too sometimes. However, these things are stepping stones. Keeping yourself in the house is the way to block out reality. It's your safe place, believe me I can relate.

PLEASE-Don't do that!!!

It's not healthy (but who am I to talk, right?).
Well, for you it's different. I'm more than certain that you have some ideas for projects that you could work on or maybe even create some more!!! Something to keep your mind occupied and off of your problems (and her). I don't even know if you read my responses to your blogs, but if you do, know that you do have some fans out here that want you to be happy! Sometimes you have to MAKE things be better in order for you to maintain your sanity. I know how it is when you can't afford to do the things you would like to do, but there is always something FREE to do that can be fun and motivational as well.


And when you BLOW UP (because you will)!! Don't forget about us!!!! (your beginning fans, lol)

Shyaporn said...

Well, don't worry, a lot of this is just me being melodramatic in an attempt to be entertaining.

I do leave the house on occasion; indoor soccer just isn't quite the same, and tends to wreak havoc on the dishware.

But thanks!

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