Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pictures #22-24: Cheating at BEDA

If I'm a day late for posting a daily blog during BEDA, I don't really mind backdating. Because my internal clock is really messed up, for one, so I feel as though I'm in a different time zone. Also because, it's a BLOG POST.

Picture #22: "But, remind me again... WHY are we stalking the broccoli?"

This Tigger was another present from my good friend Wendy. After she lent me her childhood Piglet doll to use in a video (and to help me sleep), I had it for a good long time, and after I finally returned it to her, she got me this Tigger to replace it; I had always been her Tigger to her Piglet anyway, what with my bounciness and her adorableness.

The broccoli is one of the things I love about gardening - when a plant weathers a brutal and long winter, survives and keeps growing (only to be destroyed shortly by the gnashing of my teeth!)

Picture #23: "Well that's a horse... of a different murder."

My tribute to both the cheesiness of David Caruso's CSI Miami opening lines, and the awesomeness of my friend's daughter's modular horse erasers.

Picture #24: "Someday, Zac Efron... Someday."

Once again, my friend's daughter's toy chest provides the guest star in this day's photo. I actually have never seen any of Zac Efron's "work," I only know that the poster for his movie, "Charlie St. Cloud," made me want to punch the poster for "Charlie St. Cloud."

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