Monday, April 11, 2011

Picture #25: "The Mario Kart ninjas were always the most annoying to fight." or Photoshop Sucks

Fortunately, most of these DailyBooth pictures actually happen pretty quickly. I look around the apartment and a toy will both catch my eye and give me an idea for a picture. This picture was much the same, except I figured I'd draw a few fading lines in afterwards in Photoshop to convey a sense of movement. How long could that take?

Answer? FOUR HOURS. Photoshop sucks. It's lack of lay-user friendliness is incredibly frustrating.

As for the toy itself, it belongs to my roommate, a present from an ex of his; for a good long while our household was obsessed with Mario Kart, as evidenced by this shot from our first annual Mario Kart tournament (I came in second behind the roomie in question).

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