Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Picture #26: "Some garden insects are beneficial. Others, however..."

A gorgeous, 70+F degree day here in New York City yesterday provided an opportunity for some spring gardening. And pondering which insects are beneficial to have in a garden, andwhich will eat all your Energon Cubes and turn on you in an instant when it benefits them. Damn you Insecticons!

For example, I found this guy in a previous season. Horned worm. Chomps on tomato plants. Bad guy, right? Kind of. See the little white eggs hanging off him? Wasp larvae. Unfortunately I stomped him before I read further in the article I was reading. Turns out when those larvae hatched, they would have eaten not only that worm, but hunted down any other worms as well, killing them off. So, bad move on my part.

And by the way, by gardening, I mean moving rocks from one spot to another. Literally. Last fall, some drunken/high, fellow broke my water garden/fish pond by stepping/falling into it at a party my roommate threw. Charming. Ironic, as my roommate typically hates functions with people who are getting drunk and/or high.

Speaking of the roomies, I'm wondering if my roommates and I have, amongst the four of us, 365 different individual and groups of toys for me to actually complete this project? Yes, we are a collection of men-children, but 365 might be stretching it. Friends with children are certainly helping, but already I'm concerned that I won't be able to do a different toy every day. Repeating toys is an idea I've been... toying with? Mwahahahahahaaa! Nah, I'll try not to repeat.

And when did this turn into a year-long project? Oh... right now, I guess. Dammit!


Beth said...

I'm not sure having a bunch of wasps around is worth the lack of horned worms, even as destructive as they are.....
Happy gardening, though!

Craig A. Glesner said...

Good luck with the toy hunt as well.