Sunday, April 26, 2009

Minor Remembrance of Things Past

Not terribly traumatic, but it's somewhat odd to stumble across the personal ad of an ex, featuring a picture you took of her, at a birthday party you threw for her.

If I didn't know it was her, it was the sort of ad I would normally have responded to, which is not too surprising; after all, she's pretty much the same person I met and fell for in the first place. The only difference is the knowledge of the crazy that follows.

Oh Dr. Manhattan, you're such an idiot.


Dances with Corgis said...

hmm, "stumble on" .... highly suspect :P

by the way, I found your blog via searching for a place that could possibly top McHales burgers. How I miss ye, McHales.

Any fan of McHales is a friend of mine!

BZero said...

Oy. I've been in that situation. My friends group is pretty incestuous, so it's rather hard to avoid running into remnants of my exes even if I'm trying to avoid them.