Monday, April 6, 2009

Unfriending Exes or "What am I, 12?"

Ah, the wonders of the Internet.

My natural tendency towards self-flagellation, plus a tragically cat-like curiosity, has often led me to lightly cyber-stalk my former paramours through the technological marvels that are Googling and social networking sites. It's never been anything over the top: I haven't signed up for a Lexis-Nexus account, hacked emails or anything ridiculous like that. Just looking in from time to time. I suspect many folks do it in this day and age.

And it hasn't always been an unproductive process - it's enabled me to re-establish friendships with certain people, find closure with some and mourn the loss of a few who tragically passed on. But for the most part, it's pretty much a fruitless and somewhat psychologically harmful exercise.

So today when I found myself inundated with updates from a recent ex on Facebook, with pictures of her frolicking all over town with her new beau, I finally resolved to delete her from my friends list. Who needs to see all that stuff?

Still, to be honest, it took quite a bit of effort. The jealous side of me raised quite a fuss, as it tends to enjoy living in/clinging to the past. Eventually, however, I clicked the little X beside her name, thus eliminating that particular temptation towards future self-inflicted angst. Difficult, but ultimately, probably necessary.

That done, let me just say how incredibly annoying it is to get any sort of carthasis whatsoever from an action on a social networking site. I feel like I'm 12.


Amo said...

I think social networking sites are a curse for the curious. I think a lot of people have been emotionally affected by something they've seen or read on Facebook - I think it can be difficult not to sometimes, especially when it concerns an ex. I guess you could say as adults we should just "get over it" and not let it bother us, but after all we are only human with feelings that are altered depending on the emotional stimuli, and yes, in today's day and age, Facebook is one of them.

Shyaporn said...

Human? Speak for yourself!

Logan said...

Don't feel bad. My step-dad is a network engineer and makes a habit of reading my e-mails, logging all chat files, and generally stalking me across the net.

... For the record I'll be 20 in less than 2 months.

Think of it this way, you're not being as creepy as my step-dad. ^_^"