Sunday, May 31, 2009

Movies Too Expensive?

Movies are now as much as $12.50 here in NYC, more if you want to see an IMax print. So I've saved you the time and expense of having to see the latest Hollywood Blockbuster films by compiling them here in short summary versions, all under a minute long.



Fletch said...

Awesome work. What the hell was that strapped to "Marcus Wright?"

SteamyKitchen said...

Just found you via - thx for the laughs - you're my Sunday morning comic section!

Shyaporn said...

@Fletch It was my Atari 2600 from the 80's.

@SteamyKitchen Thanks for watching/reading Steamy. Comments like that make me feel a bit more productive =)

Rhona-Mae Arca said...

Love this! I was laughing so hard.

You saved me $25 that it would have cost to watch Wolverine and Terminator. Thanks!

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