Thursday, March 19, 2009

Natasha Richardson

Natasha Richardson dead, age 45.

I've always found Natasha Richardson to be an actress of wonderful composure and beauty, adept at a stillness in her performances that few actors ever master. I was first exposed to her work in the film production of A Handmaid's Tale, and images of her in that piece have stayed with me.

And I find her thoroughly charming in the Parent Trap remake.

I know it seems odd, but one of the first things that sprang to mind wasn't one of her movies, but rather one of her husband's, Liam Neeson, "Love Actually." In the opening scenes, Neeson's character is delivering the eulogy for his character's wife, who had died young of cancer, as his adolescent step-son looks on. Neeson is so wracked with grief in that moment, and one can't help but imagine what the real life pain of him and their family must be like.

In any event, rest in whatever peace you sought in life, Ms. Richardson.

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