Thursday, March 19, 2009

Everything's Coming Up... Something.

Yesterday in New York was a lovely and springlike 60 degrees, so I took a moment to go into our backyard (I still can't believe we have one) to do some cleaning and test the soil with my fancy new electronic soil tester. I have no idea if the tester worked as the needle barely moved, but as I was looking at the footprints the Verizon guy left in the garden, I noticed the tips of the flower bulbs I planted last November had begun to come up! 

I know this is pretty minor, but it's very exciting for me, as I've never grown anything from either seed or bulb before. I don't even really remember what I planted - irises and tulips, I think, plus whatever handfuls of loose bulbs that were on the bottom of the Home Depot bin that I just scooped up and tossed in my pocket to save them from the trash.

Tomorrow I plan on starting some vegetable seedlings in a tray, as I have a little victory garden planned for the rest of the unused ground. I also need to go to the Depot to get the makings for a soil sifter, as the ground out back is filled with rocks and debris. On the bright side, I was able to make a nice little rock edging with what I pulled out from one side of the garden.

I also have tentative plans for a small, self-sustaining watergarden/fish pond. That may be overly ambitious, but on the other hand, it would save me from having to find extra soil for the garden, so it might all balance out effort-wise.

Hopefully something will grow that I can eat.

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