Thursday, April 3, 2008

When Exactly Did I Start Finding Tina Fey Attractive?

When did this happen? When she first started co-anchoring on Saturday Night Live with Jimmy Fallon, I never liked her delivery - she had a bad tendency to smirk and chuckle after all her jokes. Come to think of it, so did Jimmy Fallon. In addition, I thought the Weekend Update material during that period was really subpar; the new standard having been set by Jon Stewart and Company on the Daily Show. On basic cable. Stewart's crew was churning out 22 minutes of fantastic news-based material every single night, yet SNL, with it's network budget and writing staff could barely manage 10 minutes of quality current events commentary a week. It was sad. Granted, I thought she was physically attractive, but her comedy left me flat on the package as a whole.

Then 30 Rock came out. And I STILL didn't like her comedy. I preferred the wit and perfectly timed repartee of Studio 60 to the "wacky hijinks" of Fey's sitcom, and felt that Alec Baldwin was carrying the entire show on his classically trained shoulders. I'd spent two decades watching various female stand-up comediannes do their "it's so tough for a woman to be single/diet/deal with her mother" schtick and felt the show was just rehashing the entire cannon of double X chromosome comedy.

But I kept watching. At first I told myself it was just to watch Baldwin chew the scenery in every episode, but then I found myself watching Fey. And at some point... ::click::... HOLY FRAK... I'm ATTRACTED to Tina Fey! What the hell?!?!?

I think, more than anything, I'm drawn to her work ethic; I myself have a horrible work ethic (I'm working on it!).

WAIT! That's it! It was her American Express commercial where she's running around multi-tasking!

Well, that's one mystery solved.

Or maybe it's her breasts...

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CodenameMJ said...

Dude, she's kind of hot. That little smirk in some BDSM getup? SO hot.