Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I May Move To Mexico for a Year

I have an intriguing opportunity before me. A start-up social networking site based out of Mexico City and launching in the US has been courting me for a position as a Creative Director/Producer/Writer to produce videos for their website. They found me through my YouTube videos, of all places.

I'm a bit on the fence, to say the least.

On one hand, it's very little money for the work involved, I don't speak the language, and they're asking for a year committment. That's quite a long time, in my mind, and it certainly takes me out of the running for any acting/directing/writing opportunities in New York. Mexico City, while an up and coming metropolis, is still rather crime ridden and rather polluted. I also won't know anyone - I'm a somewhat solitary person, but as they say, no man is an island; I'm not sure how I'll react to the potential isolation. I suppose I can play Warcraft III from anywhere, but still... Also, and most importantly, it's "Creation by Committee," which in general I despise.

On the other hand, it's an intriguing new experience, and a chance for a very good addition to my rather meaguer business resume. It's a foot in the door to a wide array of different professional fields. Granted, I'm not certain I'm interested in any of them (e.g. advertising), but it's nice to have the option. And if the site really takes off, I could potentially make a significant amount of money on the back end. Plus, I could learn Spanish (which would no doubt annoy my mother that I was learning a foreign language instead of learning Thai). And I could still produce my YouTube sketches in my spare time - especially since I won't know anyone down there.

I don't have to decide now - they're going to fly me down to Mexico City to meet them in person and show me around the town.

Basically, it comes down to: do I stay in New York and continue to gamble on myself and my new YouTube platform, or do I cash in for a year and take this opportunity to get paid (meagerly) for making internet videos?

This would be so much easier if The Daily Show would just hire me...



That's kind of playing with fire. The opportunity sounds like a great one minus it being in an up and coming,, crime ridden area. The obligation is too steep because its a different country you'll be in for a whole year. You REALLY need to sort out your priorities and what you feel is necessary and important and if you really feel like putting yourself into that type of situation (situation being not knowing anyone and possibly might need someones help but don't know who to trust). This is a long response so I'll cut it short. I hope you make the right decision based on what you think and feel about the situation and it goes well for you.

CodenameMJ said...

I would so do that in a heartbeat. It's only for a year. I'm jealous.

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