Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Off to a Running Stumble

Well, here we are, day two of BEDA/VEDA, and already I've missed my first day's deadline for my video log due to lack of an internet connection and the iPhone's inexplicable tendency to import footage upside down in Final Cut Pro. Oh well, it's not as though the same company makes both those productsHEY WHAT THE HELL APPLE?!

At least the internet cafe I've been stranded in all morning has a nice view of the San Francisco countryside and the bay. Foggy, but nice.

I've spent most of the day shooting, editing, waiting for video to render, and editing some more, in an attempt to get my stone a rolling. Because right now I am covered with moss. (But it's soooo cozy!)

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Ekaterina Trayt said...

Hi there. I just heard that a cool Youtuber Cory Mr. Safety is doing an interactive game with his viewers. We can download his videos where he speaks random phrases to his phone, record our responses and edit them into a fun video :) I though you might want to join. It's not a contest, but it might bring new followers.

He explains the idea here: