Monday, April 1, 2013

Last Day in L.A., San Francisco Bound & B.E.D.A.

So it's my last day in Los Angeles before I head off to San Francisco for a week of seeing friends and being a tourist.

For those of you who don't know (which, really, should be most anyone happening across this blog), I came out to Los Angeles to participate in YouTube's Internet Icon, a video-making competition web series now shooting it's second season. I sent in my audition video in January while still in Thailand and was selected for the Top 100 by the producers of the show. It was then our job to fly out to LA (on our own dime) to screen our videos for and be interviewed by the show's panel of judges. Ryan Higa (NigaHiga on YouTube), Christine Lakin (actress and screenwriter) and new judge Timothy De La Ghetto (TimothyDeLaGhetto2 on YouTube).

I am, unfortunately, bound to multiple confidentiality agreements and cannot further discuss the matter in any public forum until the show airs in May/June, but that's why I'm out here on the West Coast.

However, it was also a good excuse to visit with the many friends I have out here and have a few adventures. Several other friends from the Eastern seaboard happened to be out here at the time as well, so I spent time going to Griffith Observatory, The Getty Center, Santa Monica Pier, the La Brea Tar Pits and other fun places. Got to go to Holi on the Beach - a Hindu color festival and dance party celebrating the defeat of evil with colored powders, water fights, music and over a thousand smiling people, and a good internet friend of mine who works for Dark Horse comics got me into WonderCon down in Anaheim, so one of my closest friends and I took a little road trip to the land of Disney. Had tons of good food, and another friend was having a tasting for investors for a new restaurant in the area up in the posh Hollywood Hills, and I took my hosts, who kindly put me up for two weeks, to a brand new vegan fine-dining restaurant, the first of it's kind in the area, Crossroads Kitchen. (For the record, I am not vegan - I had an In-and-Out burger earlier...)

And there was a very entertaining evening called Bawdy Storytelling, sort of like The Moth's kinky friend, where there were three featured speakers (including the Sex with Emily podcast's Emily and porn legend Nina Hartley), followed by the Bawdy story slam, where people from the audience tossed their names in a hat and told their stories on the night's theme (theoretically), of Unexpected Places. I considered going up myself, but couldn't think of any stories until well into the presentations, when the hat was already full up. Oh well, tales of naughty rafting down the Ichetucknee River or joining the Mile High Club will have to wait for another time.

So it's BEDA: Blog Every Day in April, so I'll attempt to be consistent in blogging this month. I'm considering doing VEDA: Vlog Every Day in April, but we'll see how that works. Maybe I'll just recite what I write here. Who knows?

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