Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost (in 10 seconds)

Missed the Lost series finale and don't have 2 hours to kill online? Here's the whole series in 10 seconds:

Here's the thing, I actually like Lost a great deal. And while I GET this "ambiguous" ending (all the mysteries are extraneous to the personal journey of each of the characters, blah, blah, blah), leaving major questions unanswered after SIX YEARS is just plain lazy writing. Much like Abrahms Star Trek reboot, rather than go for something complex that interweaves both revealing the science fiction/fantasy elements of the Lost world and completing the spiritual arc of all the characters at the same time, the runners of the show copped out, choosing instead to cheaply tug at heartstrings with touching flashbacks set to swelling music and a cowardly and non-committal final act.

At least we got a fight on a cliff in a storm...

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Gamera_spinning said...

I saw on Amazon that God of Vampires is supposed to be coming out on July 6th. Just a heads-up in case you hadn't heard.