Sunday, April 11, 2010

Short excerpt from "Night of a Thousand Exes"

Scene opens on a beer garden in Brooklyn. Man has just arrived from a roller derby bout where he watched an ex-lover from last year cuddling with an ex-friend in the stands, while also seeing his most recent Ex of a week ago's current lover, who is a member of said derby league. This recent Ex is also at the beer garden for the birthday party of a mutual friend. Some brief small talk occurs amongst the group before Man and Ex finally face one another. She stands and speaks...

Ex of one week ago:
How are you doing?

Man shrugs sadly. She gives him a comforting hug and cheek kiss.

Ex of one week ago: (turning immediately to another friend) So this guy was just hitting on me in the line to the bathroom...
Man exits.

And scene.


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AstroGirl said...

Aww ... that hurts me and I'm not even involved ... although you shouldn't have to change your lifestyle or interests just to avoid people (i'm a non-confrontational type) I'd avoid that place like the plague ... or show up with a much hotter date then your ex's are ... or just kick um in the junk and run ... not very manly but get's your point across :D