Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain is Rickles, but Obama is Sinatra

Watching the footage from last night's Albert E. Smith Foundation Charity Dinner was like watching one of the classic Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts from back in the day. John McCain killed the way Don Rickles would kill during his set, and Barack Obama charmed and entertained the way Sinatra would when he'd get to the podium - pure class.
McCain Roasts Obama

Sinatra's Obama's Turn:

At the same time, it made me feel bad for John McCain. With his set, he reminded everyone why he was such a nationally liked fellow - he was funny, self-effacing, sincere in his admiration of people he respected regardless of their political party. Unfortunately, the powers that be in his own Republican Party are so horribly corrupt and unethical that these past two months have been spent burying the real John McCain under a mountain of mud-slinging, fear-mongering, rumor-spreading, spin doctoring and just out and out lies.

A recent video of a McCain event showed just how conflicted the Senator must feel about the turn his campaign has taken; he's forced to correct racist rumors about Obama's ethnicity and patriotism, trying to take the high road that he once trod.

It really must kill him that he's been convinced to use the exact same dirty, Rovian tactics that George W. Bush used against him during the 2000 Republican Primary campaigns. You can see the pain and frustration in his face.

And at the end of his remarks at last night's dinner, he made what was essentially an early concession speech, speaking of his admiration for Barack Obama, and for all patriots. Because, while he may not be suited to being President, deep down, that's who John McCain truly is: a true American patriot.

But if you really love your country, Senator McCain, for the love of God, please don't win.

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