Monday, October 27, 2008

I intend to blog more...

Yet another blog posting about posting blogs. Kinda like student films that begin with shots of alarm clocks going off. Pretty trite.

Nevertheless, I do intend to try to blog more often and more consistently. Not just here; in fact, my main focus will be over at my other blog, Bachelor on a Budget ( I figure in these ridiculous economic times, the least I can do is share some of my methods for living on a shoestring budget.

Speaking of which, gotta get back to shoving Italian pastitsio into my mouth.


Reiko Mizuno said...

Shy some of your videos are hard to hear (Mind you i have a possible uhm medical issue with my left ear, so maybe thats why?) - But ireally REALLY do like your videos and when i get a chacne to getting my blog working i really would love to start featuring your stuff on there :P

Shyaporn said...


Just read my lips.

My pretty, pretty lips...


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