Monday, February 11, 2008

Blog Block

Attempting to write a blog puts your life and skills set into rather harsh perspective. Lately any time I've tried to put fingers to keyboard, nothing worth sharing comes to mind. It seems my day-to-day thoughts and activities are pretty much too dull for words, nor do I have the discipline to consistently shape them into conherent and engaging entries for this little blog of mine.

Everybody and their mother has a blog, right? And yet how many people are able to actively maintain that blog, let alone make it interesting to read? I feel I'm certainly failing on that latter point. I mean, what in the world do I actually DO? Other than the occassional YouTube video, I basically play soccer, do yoga and then inject Warcraft III directly into my veins. Maybe, from time to time, I'll have an odd thought on a book, or go to some cool happening or eatery, or have a rant about something or other, but really, this is New York City - who doesn't do those things? It's all been said and done. Do I have anything even remotely new to say on the subject of ANYTHING in this town? NOOOOO!

I mentioned earlier getting a gimmick. Something to keep me consistent. But what am I going to do, recap my weekly pickup game, or my best WCIII DOTA match of the week? Cooking? Maybe... who knows. I guess I'm just in a slump.

Even this little bit of rambling has been repeated over and over again throughout modern history. Much like lines of dialogue from the TV show Heroes. Trite and overused.


Rocky Nguyen said...

I'd be interested in hearing about your DotA games!

What realm/screen name are you on?

I play on Lordaeron under RockyRoad


Totally missed you! (not that you care) I did though!

Glad you're alive. It's okay to be random sometimes. IT'S A BLOG!! Nobody is asking you to become a superstar blogger. Just every now then a line or two to let us know you still exist would nice! :-P

sofistiphunk said...

I hear enough about warcraft from my brother and his girlfriend. it goes in one ear and out the other.

it's true and as BNL sang "it's all been done before"
all you can do is think to yourself that somewhere out there someone has a less interesting life than you.

ps i finally got an account so i can leave you comments on the appropriate site

Shyaporn said...

Rocky, I play under Shyaporn (I'm rather lazy when it comes to picking screennames) on Azeroth, as I'm in NYC. I'm a Luna specialist.

How about you? Favorite hero?

Rocky Nguyen said...

I really enjoy using Death Prophet, but I don't really have a favorite. I recently did really well with Magnataur, so I kind of like using him right now.

Shyaporn said...

I'm so spectacularly bad with melee heroes. I love my agility heroes, Luna and Razor being my two favorites.