Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ah Valentine's Day...

So for my Valentine's Day video, in lieu of shooting a video of me chasing down Cupid and stabbing him with his own arrow repeatedly (next year), I decided to record a song I wrote for a past love.

Unfortunately, that particular relationship ended up like this:

I have an interesting relationship with Hallmark holidays. I have actually been broken up with on Valentine's day (though we did get back together by that evening). Also stood up on New Year's, dumped on my birthday and cheated on for Martin Luther King day. I have lost track of my bad holiday stories.

Today, however, I plan on fending off my bad karma with that Cocoa and Coffee Crusted Chicken with Spicy Apple Relish recipe I got from Whole Foods earlier this week. Pictures and recipe to follow!

Also, I'm going to watch one of my favorite films, "All That Jazz," in honor of the late Roy Schneider. He starred in Bob Fosse's semi-autobiographical film as Fosse's alter-ego; it's a brilliant portrait of a singular creative and working mind, and just masterful film-making and choreography. I watch it over and over again. It has one of the simplest, most poignant dance numbers in all of film. I'd link it, but it's not as effective out of context.


sofistiphunk said...

your song is very cute and you look very handsome.
that scrabble game will end when i say it ends.

Art Sir said...

hey, man i saw your you tube videos and stumbled upon here. Just wanted to say keep up the good work.

Mary said...

I wish that you had a xanga. The ads are annoying, but still... =(


CodenameMJ said...

Oh Shy darling, you deserve to be happy! Such an adorable emo senior. (That's supposed to be affectionate.)
And Mary says you had a xanga. I did too, six years ago...

I'm sending you an extra dose of mojo tonight. It's not like I'm using it.

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