Friday, December 7, 2007

A voice

I normally try not to spam this blog with YouTube videos. I see great videos every day, but if I post every single one of them it defeats the purpose - they'll just get lost in yet another pile of clever videos amongst the 100,000 posted every day. It's pointless.

That said, this young lady Joanna, Festouverture on YouTube, is just an incredible singer and musician. She's only 19 (perhaps 20 by now), but her voice has a rich soulfulness and a purity that belie her years. And while her guitar playing isn't quite virtuoso (yet!), her musical phrasing is wonderfully unique and perfectly accents her amazing singing. She does amazing cover songs and her original songs are really quite good.

According to her Livejournal, she's working with Sony on an album, so I'm by no means "discovering" her here, but I just wanted to help spread the word.

Check her out YouTube channel, and here's a cover she does of "My Favorite Things":

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