Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blast from my Past -or- My Mother the Hipster

So my mother, out of the blue, forwards me some scans of some old photographs from a long, long time ago. A nice reminder of my mortality and how much better looking I was before puberty and age.

Also, check out my mom's tea saucer glasses, bangs and baseball sleeve top. It's like someone from Williamsburg traveled back in time and accessorized my mother.

It's odd, I have no recollection of where this photograph was taken. The calendar in the background reads September 1983 (I think?), so that makes me 10 years old. But otherwise, I'm clueless. But man, my mom can cook. I have no idea what I'm eating here, but I know it's awesome.


Ellie said...

adorable ;3


You were such a handsome kid.. I guess that explains the handsome man you've become....

Tracy said...

And here I thought Bruce Lee was the love of my life in 1983!!

Bruce?? Bruce who??

Who loves ya babee!

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