Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why do all Spiderman costumes have muscles now?

It's ridiculous. When did Spiderman become the Hulk?

Spiderman costumes should just basically be underoos/long johns. Hell, ALL superhero costumes should just be underoos/long johns.

Fake muscles in Halloween costumes are the modern day equivalent of having a picture of the character you're supposed to be dressed up as on your chest.
I always HAAAATTED those costumes as a child. It's like, "LOOK, I want to dress up as DARTH VADER, not have a PICTURE of him on a plastic bib!"

Why are adults so stupid when it comes to designing kid stuff?


Prin said...

lol- Are you just jealous that kids these days get muscles and all you got was a shower curtain with Darth's pic on it? :D

Shyaporn said...

Prin: Yay, my first comment!

And yes.

I mean, NO! When I was a kid, I wanted an ACTUAL superhero costume, with the assumption that I would get my own muscles via cosmic rays, mystic epiphany or my parents getting killed.

That's not me in the shower curtain, by the way. Poor little bastard. I did, however, have a spectacularly corny Flintstones costume along those lines.

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