Friday, April 14, 2006

My friends/roommates can be DICKS.

So tonight (Friday), I'm sitting in my apartment measuring the wall for pantry shelving when my roommate Danny walks in with his date, Amber. I overhear Amber ask Danny how the pantry's going, and he replies, "Oh, it's not going at all."

I was a bit taken aback by this comment and more than a little insulted. I say, as lightly as I can muster, "I beg your pardon?"

Meanwhile my other roomate Luke has stolled in and starts talking about how I don't do any work on the pantry and just play Warcraft all the time.

I mention that I had just started it six days ago on Saturday and Luke goes, "Yeah!" as though that somehow bolsters his impression of the situation.

So now Danny and Luke are having a chuckle over my not having completed the pantry, and I am not only offended at this point, but rather confused that Waldorf and Stadler here, who haven't lifted a fucking finger to work on the thing, have the nerve to sit there mocking my efforts.

Speaking of which, here is what I've been doing on the pantry:

Last Saturday I began a project to install pantry shelves in a poorly used alcove in my new apartment. Saturday morning I removed everything that was shoved in there, as well as the old shelf (singular) from the alcove. Then I removed some old, tacky wood paneling, scraped off the glue, and plastered any holes and gouges, repairing large, gaping holes in the drywall and along the baseboard. Then I waited for it to dry.

Sunday I sanded the surfaces and repatched any spots I missed. I also then plastered and sanded the opposite wall, which my roomates at some point 5 or 6 years ago had removed the wood panelling from but never finished. That evening I picked up some Oops paint from Home Depot.

Then on Monday I painted the alcove with several coats of paint, as well as the opposing wall. I had to stop after that as I had a friend's premiere to attend.

Tuesday I had the gall to clean my own room during the day and get my tax materials together. I'm such a selfish bastard! I had planned in the evening to go dumpster diving for wood, as I don't have any money to buy new wood from the lumber store at the moment.

Wednesday I had an early morning call to shoot on One Life to Live (that was fun, by the way). When I got home, I was exhausted and in need of a nap, but it was such a lovely day I went for a walk and did some shopping and errands then came home and conked out around 8:30pm. I woke up in the middle of the night and found myself rather awake, so I put on my rollerblades and headed up to go explore trash piles at 4am. I was fortunate enough to find several dumpsters that yielded prime finds, as well as a dumpster diving guru by the name of Robert who gave me several diving tips (for example: if there's too much for you to carry, hide the rest of it behind an empty dumpster so it won't get taken away with the full one when the truck comes).

Thursday I went and bought cable pins and repined our internet cable along the ceiling edge out of the way, as I had to pull some of it off the wall to plaster and paint. I re-measured the space and sat down and started calculating how I was going to divide up the shelving. This was actually harder than I thought. Should they all be the same width? How tall is a can of beans? How many do I want to stack? Will wine fit here? I was just taking my time thinking through all the variables, but apparently roommates interpreted this as me slacking.

Friday I had another shoot with OLTL, but upon arriving home I had some supper, changed into my work clothes and sat down one final time with my calc sheet. I was just marking off shelf heights on the wall when Danny entered and the above interaction took place.

The sucky thing is, I was having a really nice day and these snide, arrogant and just plain rude remarks from my roommates ruined it.

Danny got home later from his date and I confronted him about it. Rather than apologizing he simply said, "Please... it's a two day job."

Where's the perspective? These idiots don't contribute a dime or a minute to the process at all and yet they feel they have the right to criticize me for taking a whole fucking 6 days to complete it?

That sucks. Fuckers.

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