Thursday, February 15, 2007

Update on Craziest. Director. Ever.

So browsing through my few old blog entries, I re-read (or re-skimmed) the huge email I received from the crazy director/producer who last spring made hundreds of actors go through 5 rounds of callbacks and sit around for hours each time. Each round would be followed by an equally insane and rambling email.

Well after a little Google-fu, I found the guy's full name (he used a FAKE name for the first couple of rounds). His name is Avi Klein and his film is called "After the Life" (NOT to be confused with the French film of the same translated name).

Anyway, even better, I found an INTERVIEW with him online! It's hilarious and scary:

A few choice quotes:

"As a young NYC film student who wasn't blessed with the power of connections, in the traditional sense, I transformed many of my sonnets or "written words" as I called them into the project that is now fully submerged before you."

"My soul reacted with hunger and strives."


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