Monday, November 4, 2013

What I Did Last Week, #2122: Halloween!

Last week was Halloween, so naturally everything was centered around that, what with it being the best holiday ever. The day of, I put on my Mermaid Parade costume and headed to Bikram Yoga LES for one of their costume classes. Lots of fun, most everyone came in costumes - one girl had put on a full Cats: The Musical costume, complete with make-up and wig. No small feat in a 105 degree room! They even had a costume contest - Elvis in a bathrobe won for both kitsch factor awesomeness and the fact that he wore a terrycloth robe for the entire class.

Then I headed down to the apartment and to some shops for last minute shopping supplies before meeting up with friends to walk the Village Halloween Parade, a long time annual tradition of ours which was interrupted last year by Hurricane Sandy. I was finally going to get a chance to wear my Khan Noonien Singh costume for Halloween, which was almost a bit anti-climactic after it's warm reception at New York Comic Con. Still, I had ordered a custom tailored Star Trek: TOS red uniform dress for my gal so that she could play Khan's love interest, Lt. Marla McGivers from the original series episode Space Seed.

I also made her a tricorder purse with a window for her iPhone 5!

Parade was fun as always, found some Chinese food afterwards.

The one plus of Halloween falling on a Thursday is that the following weekend is ALSO full of costume parties! Friday night saw the return of the Samurai from Superfriends, and the Happy House Hoedown Halloween Party we went to, and I managed to win both "Most Wow" and tie for Grand Prize in their costume contest!

And then Saturday night we redid Khan, but this time with a Tribble wielding-young Vulcan in tow :)

Sunday I began principal photography on an independent film written/directed/produced/starring an old college chum, Brad Raider, called "Kensho at the Bedfellow."

Then, Sunday afternoon and evening was spent raiding the after-Halloween sales at various Halloween pop-up stores! The SECOND best holiday ever!

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