Monday, October 28, 2013

What I Did Last Week, #2121: Pumpkin Carving Contest

Sometimes I realize that, while I'm busy avoiding addressing the simply steps I could take to live the rest of my life in security and happiness, I manage to do one or two interesting things along the way. Every decade or so I take to journaling these activities, but I always fall off that wagon.

So, I think I'll just start keeping a laundry list of such things in a weekly post here in the magical, under-utilized, less-than-fashionable world of Blogspot. And then, maybe, if my memory or motivation proves solid enough, I'll start back-filling in - for my own sake and that of no one else's posterity.

I know, everyone's on the Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest these days, but Blogger/Blogspot, I'll never let you go.

What I did for my 2,121st week:

Tuesday: Completed my 30th Toy Tuesday video.
Sunday: Went apple and pumpkin picking at Fishkill Farms Organic Orchard.

Sunday: Won the pumpkin carving contest at said apple-picking expedition!

My entry: Godzilla
I won a box of apple cider donuts and a $50 gift certificate!

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