Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello, Sunrise. Guess I didn't get anything done, hmm?

I'm a night owl, but I don't actually have insomnia, so all nighters, for me, usually mean one of two things:

1. I've been working all night on a project that has a deadline.

2. I've been attempting to work on a project(s) that don't have a deadline, and failed to make any actual progress.

As the I glance at the 5:31 AM in the upper right-hand corner of the computer screen, I'm afraid I'm currently in the midst of the latter. Sadly, more often than not, when I find myself on the cusp of greeting the morning sun, it's because I'm staying up in the hopes that a flash of motivation will push me to finish any number of tasks on my To Do list.

I've written about this before (I think - past 5 AM, clarity of memory is one of the first things to go), but since I maintain this blog more as an exercise and outlet more than anything else, it bears restating. It's both a symptom and a problem at the same time: a symptom in that it's a result of a general lack of focus and discipline I have when it comes to developing and completing my own independent projects, and a problem in that I certainly shouldn't deal with an unproductive day by practically guaranteeing a second unproductive day by staying up all night arguing with idiots on the internet ("Hey, moron, Tesla Coils do NOT create energy from thin air like lightning!")

I often wonder if others have a similar issue. Even though I live in a city of 8-12 million people, it can seem so quiet and empty here in the dead of night. The city that never sleeps seems to take at least a bit of a cat-nap around 5am. For a little bit anyway... I mean, the teachers are waking up soon.

6:19 AM - My body is finally convincing my brain to give up on finishing the video editing I've been trying to finish since Monday. Perhaps when I wake up...

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Ekaterina Trayt said...

I usually go to sleep between 4 and 6 am. My most productive hours are in the night, and I do achieve a lot in this "oh my god, so few hours left gotta do something" time, but I found it helps to do at least some important things earlier in the day. I actually like going to sleep in the morning though. Dim light, birds chirping, nice :)