Sunday, March 11, 2012

Capital One Credit Card SKETCHY

Capital One is a tremendously sketchy credit card company. For the over 10 years I had my Sony Card with JP Morgan Chase I never once was late on a payment because I was able to easily enroll in automatic balance payment online.

When Capital One acquired the Sony Card from Chase, I actually had a negative balance on the account. They mailed me back my negative balance rather than applying it to new charges (it would have more than covered the balance), and then proceeded to charge me late fees on the new charges since I was no longer enrolled in automatic payment. When I called them to straighten this out, they told me they would send me both my new card and paperwork to enroll in automated payments. I didn't receive my card for weeks and the automatic payment paperwork NEVER came.

You can't even enroll in automatic payments online, you have to fill out the physical paperwork - an obvious hurdle they've installed to get people to miss payments.

When I called today to tell them again I'd been charged multiple late fees on a stray $15 webhosting charge that was still set to this card (I try never to use it anymore because of Capital One's sketchiness), they said they could do nothing about waiving the late fees and that there was no record of me requesting paperwork, because they don't keep records past six months. No customer service records past SIX MONTHS?!? REALLY?!? Are the 5kb of space that information would take up in their database that valuable that they have to purge the system several times a year? Complete and utter nonsense.

I asked them to mail it again and for a confirmation number I could associate with this call, and he said they don't provide confirmation numbers for this sort of call. But he said he could mark it in the account. Which, of course, they'll then just erase in a few months.


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