Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where to continue...?

Back in April I did the BEDA exercise (Blog Every Day in April) and it worked out nicely. It even continued, unintentionally, into May a bit, and that was lovely. I really felt my writing muscles starting to develop. Then, of course, I stopped... and got it in my head that I needed to go back and write entries for every day I missed before continuing in the here and now. Which is, of course, a ridiculous notion and a very slippery slope. So I'll just pick it up from here and back-fill a little for time-sensitive events that I wanted to write about (Gay Pride Parade, etc...)

As for the Toy a Day Picture postings which were giving me a nice structure to write around, I'm not sure about those either. The pictures are going strong, but it's now almost 2 months since I've written about one of them. We shall see.

But for now, I'm going to get back in the saddle... again.

UPDATE: I'm backdating Toy a Day photos just so I can have them line up better with when they were shot.


Craig A. Glesner said...

Good to see you back. Will there be more Godzilla? Toys?

Speaking toys, I don't recall seeing any Micronauts. Did you do any and I missed them or have not done any yet? If the latter, can we get some awesome Micro-Action?

Either way, glad to see you writing again.

Beth said...

Good to have you back!