Monday, March 28, 2011

Pictures #9-11 or "I appear to have taken on a photo project..."

Upon discovering Daily Booth, I immediately liked the low-maintenance nature of it all. There's no real tagging, or categorization of photos, it's just people uploading whatever they want and if you happen to catch something interesting on the live stream, then it's a happy little accident rather than the result of a carefully targeted metatagging/keyword/spam bot campaign.

I also immediately found myself posting photos and now seem to have gotten into a rhythm of wanting to do one a day. I stumbled into a theme of taking pictures with the toys scattered about the house, and have now inadvertently given myself a daily photo assignment.

This is great for me - my creative and work ethic muscles are extremely atrophied, if not entirely dead - and I need something simple and consistent to slowly get them back into shape. So, I'm hoping taking a picture and writing a caption every day will be like walking a mile every evening, or doing sun salutation every morning. Theoretically, it should start to feed into my other projects and kick-start them as well.

Picture #11: "The lap dance from the Invisible Woman was quickly turning out to be a colossal waste of money."

Taking this picture (and writing this blog posting) are a good reminder of the dangers of taking on a daily photo project like this - for I'm doing this as procrastination from editing and posting a video for YouTube I shot yesterday. Still, it makes me chuckle, so, well worth it!

Picture #10: "Put me in coach!"

I actually took this shot the night before I posted it, at the Gotham Girls Roller Derby season opener up at CCNY. Originally I had hoped to take a shot of the Mark V next to the feet of a bunch of derby girls' roller skates, but that opportunity never quite materialized.

Picture #9: "Big Biiirrrrdddddd!!!!"

A friend of mine expressed confusion over this caption. I'm not sure I understand why - clearly Mecha Godzilla is about to devour Big Bird and his little friend. This clock, by the way, is probably one of the single most thoughtful gifts ever given to me, by my ex-girl and current close friend Wendy. She once heard me talking about this alarm clock I had as a child, went to various vintage toy shops and FOUND it, and gave it to me for Christmas or my birthday. Amazing.

Picture # 8: "Tetsuo! Kaneda!"

I hear they're making a live-action version of this anime classic. I imagine it will look something like this.

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Craig A. Glesner said...

Much coolness here. The Invisible Woman one is quite amusing.