Friday, February 25, 2011

Ever Play "What I COULD Have Bought With That Money?"

Have you ever lost a lot of money as a result of a bad investment, relationship or just good ol' criminal activity, and then played the "What if?" game regarding said losses?

Well I had run-ins with all three last year, and I just thought I'd share my own little game of "What I COULD have bought with that money" with you, my small but... well, just small group of readers.

I could have gotten:
- 1-month hiking the Appalachian Trail
- 10-day trip to Macchu Piccu
- 4-day ski-trip to Vail or Aspen
- 7-day trip to Hawaii
- 3-day trip to Las Vegas
- Macbook Pro
- iPhone 4
- 50" 3D flat screen TV
- 1-year unlimited pass for Bikram Yoga
- 1-year membership to a ritzy gym
- A year of tap dance lessons
- A year of ballroom dancing lessons
- 3 new suits
- Driving lessons
- A warm winter overcoat
- Running shoes
- A dental checkup
- Tickets to Spiderman: The Musical

I don't mean I could have gotten just one of those things - I mean ALL of those things. That entire list. Though really, I would have preferred to have used that money for this:

- Afford myself the freedom to work on my creative projects
- Get healthier in mind, body and soul
- Focus inward to gain the strength to move forward
- Tickets to Spiderman: The Musical

But instead, I made one spectacularly bad decision to not do these things and focus, instead, on a doomed relationship, which, in turn, brought some truly awful, AWFUL people into my life, who wrecked it thoroughly.

Come to think of it, this game sucks; it's so depressing! Why would I even start this?


Beth said...

Well, give us an address and we'll go 'recover' your 'investment'. :)

DukTape said...

Where's the "like" button for that comment?