Thursday, September 9, 2010

Encore Godzilla Lecture @ 3rd Annual Nerd Nite Nerdtacular

Tomorrow, Friday, September 10th, I'm giving an encore presentation of my lecture, "Godzilla: History, Biology and Behavior of Hyper-Evolved Theropod Kaiju" as part of Nerd Nite's 3rd Annual Nerdtacular, at Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY.

This year's Nerdtacular is a "Greatest Hits" event, featuring other encore presentations on Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride, the causes, treatments and science of cancer, and a discussion of race in role-playing games.

The evening will also feature "music and mental hygiene videos by indie-rock supergroup Overlord between presentations, and you’ll even have a chance to get the autograph of one of the original 20,000 Leagues crew members."

For more information on the presentations and presenters, go here:

And to purchase tickets, go... here:

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Craig A. Glesner said...

Will you be taping it this time for those of us who can't make it?

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