Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Annoyance About the NBC Thing

Just thought of something annoying: NBC is SO rock bottom that they pretty much don't have anywhere to go but up. And any uptick in their fortunes after this Conan debacle is going to be used by the parties responsible (Jeff Zucker, NBC, Jay Leno) as evidence that they were doing the right thing in letting Conan go and moving Leno back to the Tonight Show.

It's like doing a rain dance in January and saying it's responsible for rains in April. It's just something that was going to happen. NBC is increasing it's number of new pilots from 11 to 20, and has signed deals with a variety of big name producers (J.J. Abrams, Brian Grazier, etc..), so they're rushing to restock their stable of narrative dramas. This will result in a resurgence of the network audience, hungry for substance after four months of Leno Spam.

But mark my words, if Zucker keeps his job (and he really shouldn't), when the NBC's fortunes do start to turn, however slightly, he'll be the first to point to the bonfire he's been dancing around and take credit.

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