Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Once and Future Me

Received an email I wrote to myself last year on It's cool: you write yourself a message and the site delivers it to you a year later.

Last year Me was apparently REALLY angry...
The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Monday, November 26, 2007,
and sent via
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Dear FutureMe,

So, how many crash and burn relationships have you had THIS year? Did it get worse than Ace - if that's even possible?

So a year ago today I wrote to myself asking how the TV show was going. Any progress THIS time? Even manage to shoot a lousy 10 minute scene on the roof?

Wow, apparently this year's PastMe is rather bitter, hmm?

Well, I DO hope you've finally managed to make something of yourself. You're 35 for god's sake.

And how fat are you now? Maybe writing this letter will make me realize that if I just exercise 4-5 times a week for the next year I'll get back into my ideal shape.

Oh, if you're unemployed now.... stop it. Get a job, you bum.



sofistiphunk said...

oh my....

liyanat said...

oh wow, i thought someone as funny as you wouldn't feel like that. And about the fat part, that's pretty offensive. At some point of my life I was pretty angry that I can never be thin, but right now I think if I strive for something like that that must have something to do with me judging other people by proxy. I thought then, philosophically and by being as non-ethnocentric as possible, that the conditions that I have set for myself is the conditions that I have set for others too. And I thought that was pretty unfair of me. Good luck then. Oh btw, ever thought of parodying PETA? And Western NGOs? I'm pretty liberal myself but I thought a parody angle would be extremely funny. Oh yeah on the other hand you can parody governments as well. Both of them, fighting with each other, one with briefcases and the other with pitchforks and trees.

liyanat said...

Sorry I just realized something. Since ure fucking funny and all, why dont u open up a 'Donate to Shyaporn' box or something. Maybe its small but at least it could help you bring ur comedy worldwide. Really do hope u end up in SNL or something, or something like a Little Britain