Thursday, August 7, 2008

Other People's Poetry

I was, I suppose, lecturing some young lady online for not posting her artwork and poems on the internet for the world to see. She agreed and told me I was right (as I always am), so here now is someone else's poetry:

Showering gracefully
in the arms of heaven's wings
Comfortable, content,
in mind of many great things

Beautiful, truely - the voice of the muse
the path, the choices are for you to choose
Reality dreaming to those who are deep
Those who bow their head, counting their sheep

Dancing, lifting
the rivers of our souls
Preparing, Endless
for whom the bell tolls

- Jessica

In general, I believe creation and art are pointless unless you share it with the world. Can you imagine if someone hadn't found Emily Dickinson's poems locked away in a trunk after her death? We never would have had the rhyme scheme for the Gilligan's Island theme!

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