Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shy + Air Guitar - Practice = FAIL. (Plus, Frozen Yogurt)

So, while I enjoyed participating in the Air Guitar regional in Brooklyn tonight, I realized that I'm not able to enjoy things purely on kitsch factor. Thing is, turns out I'm competitive, not just with others, but with myself, and if at any point I think I'm not doing something as well as I should be, I get rather morose inside.

Plus I apparently had the entire weight of the Asian race on my shoulders as two of the most recent world Air Guitar Champions have been Asian AND from Brooklyn, so, yeah...

Granted, I only had 2 1/2 days to prepare as I only got late entry accepted on Sunday morning at 5am, but I really needed to research more, figure out what they were looking for. Still, it was a lot of fun. Started off really well too, just went in the wrong direction for the judges, and they slaughtered me.

In any event, I wasn't even remotely as upset as the guy who came in second - he crashed into the dressing room, shouted, "Where's my fucking bag," and stormed out. It's like, "Wow, air guitar man. AIR guitar."

The girl who won had a rocking first set, and for the second part with the surprise song, she didn't actually play much, but she did run up into the balcony, climb over the railing and play on a glass roof over the sound booth. Gutsy. Made even more so by the fact that on the way there she BROKE HER TOE on a chair and tore the skin off, so the bone was sticking out. And she finished her set. Clearly deserving of the win.

Oh well, at least I can cross it off the life list.

ADDENDUM: As a bit of a segue, let me just say that frozen yogurt fucking SUCKS and in no way provides cold comfort in the way that real, Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie does. Every few years I forget the fact that frozen yogurt is a joke of a food and make the mistake of buying it when the real thing is sold out. I'd be better off sprinkling sugar on an ice cube.

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Rocky Nguyen said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I saw couple videos of Air Guitar on YouTube and thought the champion looked kind of stupid. It was funny, but not my kind of thing.

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