Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Perfect Way to End the Day? Chink Jokes!

So I've been temping at this ad agency and today, as I was wrapping things up so that I could leave, I overhear a conversation in the office right in front of my desk. It's one of the people I work with and a visiting consultant talking about their personal lives. Typical stuff... dating, job, Facebook, and so forth.

Then one of them begins talking about a friend or paramour of hers and I hear her say, "Well he does racial humor, which I don't like... but he's funny!" This makes me sort of chuckle and shake my head a bit, but I ignore it and continue getting ready to leave. But then I hear her start talking about how her friend was sending out "chink" jokes, but it wasn't bad because they were "funny." She then begins talking in a funny Asian voice.

Now, they know I'm sitting right outside the office. They walked right by me. The visitor even introduced herself to me. Yet there she is, pronouncing the name "Rick," "Lick." Repeatedly.

Anyway, there's nothing better than ending your day at your underpaid day job by listening to a room of white people making chink jokes. Just grand.


sofistiphunk said...

now i know why our conversation ended abruptly. isn't ignorance grand?

Rocky Nguyen said...
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Rocky Nguyen said...

I don't get the joke in the picture. >_<